Storm Damage Tree Removal

A storm hit and your property got hit with a tree? Do not touch it! Fallen trees could be a danger if they’re meddled with or if someone who is not certified attempts to move them themselves. Because they are typically unstable and can cause further damage at any moment, it’s best to call on the experts.

And if you’re worried about how much damage it’ll do to your pocket, don’t worry at all; we’ve assisted hundreds of customers with tree removal claims! Save yourself and your wallet the damage and leave it to us.
Our Services

We serve customers in Traverse City, MI and surrounding areas

Emergency Tree Services
We provide round the clock service. Call us any time, day or night.

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Tree Removal
We have an experience team of tree removal experts ready to serve you.

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Trimming and Pruning

We will keep your trees in tip top shape with our trimming and pruning service.

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We can assess the trees on your property to figure out their health.

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Call us for a free appraisal.

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Tree Planting

We can plant your next tree to enhance your property.

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