Tree Trimming & Pruning

Anybody with a chainsaw can cut a tree down, but proper pruning and maintenance of trees? That is our specialty.

Your options:
  Canopy Thinning/Cleaning
This is our most popular service. Our canopy thinning process ensures that dead, dying, or worrisome branches are taken care of. Our goal is to make sure that your trees are growing and staying healthy.
  Vista Pruning
Want a better view? We’ll prune windows from your trees so you can see what you want without compromising the health of your trees.
  Canopy Lifting
Unblock those elevated decks! Clear the roofs! Our canopy lifting will do both.
  Crown Reduction
For those low areas. Crown reductions will redirect the tree’s growth away from what they’re growing towards to ensure even growth.
Our Services

We serve customers in Traverse City, MI and surrounding areas

Emergency Tree Services
We provide round the clock service. Call us any time, day or night.

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Tree Removal
We have an experience team of tree removal experts ready to serve you.

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Trimming and Pruning

We will keep your trees in tip top shape with our trimming and pruning service.

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We can assess the trees on your property to figure out their health.

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Call us for a free appraisal.

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Tree Planting

We can plant your next tree to enhance your property.

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Give us a call at (231) 923-4520 to talk to one of our representatives. We provide 24/7 service.